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  • How do I get my Hotspot rental?
    With FedEx we ship nationwide and offer courier delivery and pick up service within NYC.
  • How do I return the Hotspot?
    If you received your order via shipment all you have to do is ship it back with the return label we provide. If you are in NYC we offer courier delivery and pick up.
  • Can I rent for longer than a week?
    Yes you certainly can! Please give us a call or fill out the "Contact Us" form and a sales team member will happily discuss your needs.
  • How much data do I get with my Hotspot rental?
    We have a Basic Plan that allows 2GBs of 4G LTE that comes free with every rental. You may add more data at $10 per each additional GB.
  • How could I check to see if the Hotspot will have good reception?
    If you have a phone on the T-mobile network you can check to see if that phone has reception in area you will be using the Hotspot. For the best speeds have your Hotspot in the place with the best reception.
  • Are there any late fees or data overage charges?
    We charge you for each additional day the rental is overdue. Additional fees will apply if you go over the amount of data you purchased for your order.
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